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0Bug!Zone® People Mosquito Family

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Go "green" with 0Bug!Zone®

Mosquito control is not a problem when you use the 0Bug!Zone® for people in place of toxic topical applications. This chemical free insect barrier is a revolutionary, non-toxic tag that uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier from pests.

100% Natural and Chemical-Free Mosquito Repelling Frequency Barrier Tags for People.

Helps protect up to 3 months!

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Non Toxic & Odor Free
  • Safe for All Weights and Ages

Package Contains:

  • Four Mosquito Tags

To wear 0Bug!Zone® is easy. There are a variety of ways you can place the magnetic strip facing the body.  The package comes with a ring you can use to attach one or more tags to a chain or clip.   The easiest way to wear the tag is in a back pants pocket.  Tags can also be worn around the neck, attached to a belt loop or just placed in underclothing (bra, sock) where the tag(s) will remain without effort and discomfort.   You can also tuck the tag into a hat band or front shirt pocket.  Wear the tag(s) in whatever way feels comfortable to you and make sure that they are protected from being prematurely worn, scratched or bent during use. 

In order to work effectively, the 0Bug!Zone® must be worn at all times. For 24 hour protection, just place your tag underneath your fitted sheet with the magnetic strip facing your body during the night and place it back on your body during the day in your favorite way.  You can wear more than one tag at a time (for example, a mosquito and a tick tag).  Just make sure that both magnetic strips are exposed to the body.  In most cases, the barrier is complete in just 24 hours! For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.